Let's face it.  Picking out what to wear for a photo session can be intimidating and hard.  Should everything match?  Does everything match TOO much?  Are we going to be in a session of awkward family photos 10 years from now?!  Here are a few helpful hints to point you in the right direction and hopefully help you figure out a style that is all your own.


1. Be comfortable and be yourself.  It's okay to be a little dressier than you normally are, but still stick for comfort.  You're going to be walking, sitting, and generally moving around during a session.  If you're uncomfortable that's going to translate into your photographs.  So pick something that you feel great in!  

2. Seasonal or Strictly Holiday?  Most holiday sessions are photographed in Oct & Nov and then sent out for holiday cards in December.  Does your session have more of a fall or holiday vibe?  That could help determine your color scheme.  I suggest going with something neutral like the gray, berry, and cognac number above.  This way you can fit into a holiday setting but also get some classic fall pictures to display in your home no matter what the season.


3.  It's okay to not match.  Actually its usually easier if you have a family to coordinate!  I suggest going with similar pops of color like the jean neutrals and pops of red above!  It also looks great if each member wears that pop of color in a different way.  


4. Don't be afraid of color.  Bright colors look great in photos and can really add contrast to the backdrop.  What to do more of a holiday look?  Red, Black, and flannel are classy and still give that holiday vibe.  I simply adore this look!

Not so sure about all that color?  Neutrals can be beautifully coordinated as well and fit in with any backdrop.  I think the key is to mix and match to give variety and texture with neutrals.  With the family above I love that the tan of the Dad's vest goes with the girls boots.  The girls skirts in Navy go with the Mom's pants.  The white of the Mom's shirt goes with their tights.  And it all pulls it together.  Anytime you're mixing and matching I suggest picking three main colors to go with (per example above: navy, tan, white)


5. Still Stumped?  Don't be afraid to reach out your photographer!  We are the professionals after all!  I love helping clients coordinate their look until they feel confident.  I will create Pinterest boards to share ideas, look over outfits via text, or even have clients bring several ideas to the shoot and help them pick out which ones work for them.  My number one goal is for my clients to feel confident and their best selves during a shoot.  

Happy Holiday Sessions!  Holiday Mini's with Runaway Alice Photography to be announced soon!