Hi Everyone!  It's time for another Full Heart Project Nomination!  If you want more info on The Full Heart Project and how it got started, check out this blog post:

Every several months I announce that I am holding nominations.  You have the opportunity to nominate someone that you think deserves a free photo session.  This could be someone that gives back to their community but is financially tight, a hard working single Mom, a family with an older pet that's not doing great, a Mom that deserves to be in the photos instead of behind them, a new business owner, a family going through a rough time, the options are endless.  What matters is that you feel that they deserve the nomination and that their story deserves to be told.  

So how does it work?  Super easy!  Watch for blog posts saying that nominations are open.  Submit to me through the contact form on this website, subject "Full Heart Project," and then give the persons' name, a way to contact them, and a description of why you are nominating them.  That's it!  I will pick a winner so if your nomination doesn't win feel free to keep submitting them.  

Thank you for helping me cultivate a community of love and support.  Let's give back together and let the nominations begin!



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