I remember holding the small book in my hands and smiling while I shed a tear.  It was my Grandmother’s funeral and in my hands I held an album of snap shots of her.  There were photos of her smiling, photos of her in a hurry, photos of her laughing--her giggles almost echoing off the pages.  That was the moment for me.  The moment that I knew I wanted to provide this for others.  Not just a lingering legacy, but a way to return to a happy place and time.

As a wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer I am a curator of memories.  When a client books me I know they are trusting me with a special chapter in their life.  My photographs often reflect film tones, natural light and candid moments.  My ultimate goal is to help you have fun making memories while preserving them.  

After spending a year traveling the US in a camper with my husband and 2 year old, I am happy to call Lexington, Virginia my new home. Not in the Lexington, Virginia area?  No problem!  I am happy to travel all over Virginia, the United States, and worldwide for destination weddings and sessions.  I have had the privilege of photographing in almost every state and every climate. One would think a year on the open road would quench my thirst for travel. On the contrary, it has only made my love for exploration grow.  

I Believe In:

True Love.  Equal Love.
Redheads.  I'm surrounded.
Loving Yourself.
Saturday morning brunch.
Campfires with Laughter and Friends.
Smile Lines and Scars.
Pickles.  Because they are delicious.
Hope in all things.