There are so many amazing and beautiful details that go into a wedding day. You and your partner will spend countless hours making decisions, picking colors, tasting food, and choosing the perfect venue (and hopefully photographer!) But when the lights are turned off and you’re on your way on a fabulous honeymoon, what happens to the left overs? There are tons of articles on pinterest on how to preserve your wedding bouquet but what if your wedding flowers could continue to share your love with someone who is struggling?

I’d like to introduce you to Random Acts of Flowers. Their mission is to bring moments of kindness in the form of beautiful floral bouquets. Not sure if a bunch of flowers makes a difference?

A 2009 study by researchers from Kansas State University found that patients with flowers or plants in their room have:

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue

  • Lower systolic blood pressure

  • More positive feelings

A study conducted in early 2016 by the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine confirms the positive impact that deliveries from Random Acts of Flowers have on the emotional wellness of medical patients.

  • Almost 95% of respondents self-reported that the unexpected delivery from Random Acts of Flowers improved their overall emotional wellness, with 73.5% reporting “extreme improvement.”

  • 81.1% of respondents reported they had not received other gifts of flowers outside of the Random Acts of Flowers delivery.

  • 11.3% of the sample said our volunteers were the only visitors they had during their hospital stay.

On top of your flowers encouraging someone’s well being, Random Acts of Flowers is dedicated to sustainable solutions. Recycling flowers is the method behind Random Acts of Flowers’ mission. They strive to recycle 100 percent of the arrangements they receive, from ribbons, wire and foam, to vases and flowers. Clippings and other green waste are composted and used by landscapers, gardeners and other partners in the community. Their organization is dedicated to keeping floral materials out of the landfills.


So as you plan out the details, keep in mind that your wedding can continue to spread joy and heal others. Added Bonus? Your donation is a tax deduction. For more on how to donate check out: https://randomactsofflowers.org/donate-flowers/

*This is not a sponsored post. I am in no way benefiting or receiving compensation for this post—I just think its a super cool idea.


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