My word for the year is “gratitude” and I’ve been working hard to practice it each day. That includes gratitude for others, gratitude for my circumstances, and from that a sense of self kindness. From that process has birthed a sense of being very aware of the WAY that I talk to myself. The truth is it hasn’t always been pretty. Can you relate?

While positive self talk can seem pretty cheesy, it really does start to transform the way you see yourself. It takes practice and is like strengthening a muscle. Here are a few notes about positive self talk:

  1. No beating yourself up when you slip up. Kind of defeats the purpose to start calling yourself a dummy for—calling yourself a dummy. Right? So you’ll slip up, no biggie. Start singing “Let it go.”

  2. Start small. If you’re in a dark place with anxiety, depression, and mental wellness you don’t have to pretend like you love all the things and bury your feels deep deep deep. But, I also truly believe you can think of one thing that is positive about yourself. Which leads to….

  3. Positive self talk doesn’t mean that you stop feeling. It doesn’t mean you shove things down. But it does mean you start noticing your thoughts, redirecting them, and maybe start pondering why you speak to yourself that way in the first place.

So here, in no particular order, are positive things I WILL say to myself every day.

You can figure anything out.

It’s okay to ask for help, you’re good at helping others too.

Thank you crooked nose for making me uniquely me.

I love my body.

I love a challenge, it forces me to learn.

I am enough.

I’ve done a good job today.

I am teaching my daughter that it’s okay to not be perfect.

My opinion matters.

I can give more because I take care of myself.

Balance is bullshit but I’m still rocking my multitasking life.

You can get as specific or general as you think serves you. They’re not all serious, sometimes its just funny. Catch yourself messing up and going into, “I am such a screw up” mode. Take a breath and be like, “Yep, I messed that one up. No big deal.” It doesn’t have to deny failure or troubles but that YOU are a failure or YOU are always the trouble.

I’d love to hear some of your positive sayings or what helps you stay on track with your mental wellness. Share below!


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Beth Bowman is an intimate wedding, destination, and elopement photographer with a heart for adventure based in Maryville, Tennessee.  She thrives on awkward, intimate, and authentic moments.  Her mission is to document moments of love and light that they may encourage and inspire others during hard times--that love is the only true adventure. Her style is romantic, creative, and genuine.  She believes in getting out in the rain, head back laughs, taking risks, and brave love stories.