I actually get asked this question a lot.  People often feel like weddings are where the money is.  Or I must hate doing weddings.  They're so long.  They're such a hassle.  Bridezilla is a THING.  The list goes on and on depending on the experiences each person has had at different weddings.

I know plenty of fellow photographers that make a good living (lets even say some serious bank) on family portraits or product photography.  You can be a wedding photographer and NOT make money.  So money really doesn't factor in.

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Weddings are physically challenging.  There's no getting around that.  I will sometimes be shooting for 10 hours straight, high energy, and you'll find me at the end of the night in a corner stuffing cake in my face because I haven't eaten all day.  That totally happens.  But how many other physically demanding jobs are out there?  That people still do all the time?

The simple answer is because I love it.  I truly do.  I love the joy.  I love the high energy.  I love that this is commitment.  I love that this is a frozen moment in time--in the life of a couple.  I love that my photos will be what helps them remember their love story later.  I love that it's a love story.  That's it.  Plain and simple.


And as for the bridezillas?  I have THE BEST clients EVER.  I'm serious.  I choose my clients.  I choose who I want to work with and they choose me.  We jive.  We jam.  We connect.  We bust out dance moves.  Sure, there are emotional moments during a wedding.  It's a highly emotional event.  But part of my job is to be there and to help things run smoothly.   

That's why I photograph weddings.  It's all about the love.  



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