So let's talk about the epic "first kiss" photo.  Some couples feel a lot of pressure for this shot whether it's during your first look or at the end of your ceremony.  It's your first kiss officially as a married couple and it could be in front of a lot of people.  Not everyone has the same level of PDA, in fact, it's one of the first questions I ask my couples--how comfortable are you with public displays of affection?  Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong but the question gives me some insight and helps you feel comfortable.

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No matter what your comfort level is, most couples want a great shot of that first kiss.  I want you to have a great shot of your first kiss!  It's a truly powerful moment.  It's the magic that makes you feel warm and fuzzy years down the road.  Big magic, folks.  


So what's the secret to making it look natural and giving your photographer enough time to capture it?  An officiant I know over heard a photographer at one of his weddings suggest to the couple to hold the kiss for seven seconds.  Not to put down a fellow photog, but try kissing your partner for a full seven seconds and see what happens.  For me, it's impossible to do without cracking up!  Or starting to be awkward!  


Here are a few tips to keep that first kiss as natural as possible.  First, I would suggest doing an engagement or couples session with your photographer before the wedding.  You'll learn their style, cues, and be more comfortable with sharing this intimate side of yourself in front of them.  Second, go slow.  Don't rush the first kiss.  Take your time to realize that you are officially married.  Let everyone else fade out and just focus on each other.  Wrap your arms around each other.  Third, keep it sassy and classy.  This may be TMI but tongue or no tongue?  From a posing stand point I find that opened mouthed but no tongue comes off pretty dang romantic.  It's that fine line between tight lipped and oh dear lord they're making out.  Grandma doesn't want to see a make out session but you don't have to be totally reserved either.  If you need a time amount I'd say roughly three seconds is good just in case it happened a little before your photographer expected.  The worst is a quick peck and done.  


Practice makes perfect.  Why not spend a little extra time smooching?  The most important thing is to be yourselves and don't sweat it.  Enjoy the moment!  



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