Not only am I a story teller but I come from a family of story tellers.  I surround myself with story tellers.  I'm married to a story teller.  We each weave the stories in our own ways: with images, words, some fiction and some prose.  There is an undeniable need inside me to share not only my own story but others as well.  It's one of the things I love most about photography.  Above all, I love telling love stories.  Always have.  


When I was little my barbies (yes, bad asses play with barbies) always had fantastic romances.  Strong heroines who sometimes needed help and sometimes saved themselves but always found their soul mate.  As I grew older I craved fairytale romances, and older yet the real romance stories full of heart ache and challenges but true.  Always ringing and dripping with truth.  


I want to share those stories with the world.  I want to share them with you.  I want you to feel the joy and elation.  I want you to shed tears at the heartache.  I want you to be there.  To know.  I believe by sharing our stories we are connected.  We can pass on strength and let the next generation know that they aren't alone.  We went through it too.  It all turned out okay because in each story there can be love.