There is something magical about rehearsal dinners.  Everyone is excited but relaxed and it becomes a time to reflect on the next big step the couple is about to take.  I was so thrilled when Mathew's Mom, Wendy, contacted me about covering the rehearsal dinner for the couple.  Wendy had coordinated with The Georges in downtown Lexington to create a beautiful courtyard dinner party.  

Mathew and Chloe were toasted over and over by friends and family.  It was a time of laughter and tears.  Chloe is stunning and quick to laugh.  Mathew has an amazing smile and only had eyes for Chloe.  The one theme that came up again and again from their family and friends was that as much as Mathew and Chloe clearly loved each other, they also shine that love on everyone they meet.  Those are people to keep close to your heart.