_MG_3247 I met Jacob and Morgan when Jacob hired me to photograph his surprise proposal. Which means I met Morgan mere moments after she said, "Yes."  Kissed Jacob.  And then asked, "What's that clicking noise?"  And I jumped out of the bushes like a crazy creeper, grinning like a fool and yelling, "Congrats!!"  Since then we've been bosom buddies.  Well, maybe not bosom buddies, but I'd say we're pretty tight.  When they asked me to photograph their wedding as well I was overjoyed.


Jacob and Morgan are pretty awesome people.  And by pretty awesome, I mean really awesome.  They met in the 5th grade!  How adorable is that?  Apparently though, Jacob was not interested even though Morgan had a huge crush on him at the time.  Their families became friends and traveled together, so they were around each other alot.  This also made the wedding feel like a big family reunion instead of two families becoming one.  They began dating in college and were engaged their senior year (see previous paragraph on awesome engagment).

One thing I absolutely loved about their wedding is that they were themselves.  The wedding was chock full of details that were little pieces of each of them, their love story, and their families.  You could tell Morgan loves Disney.  From the Disney quotes on the bottom of her shoes from her bridesmaids to her first dance with her Dad to "When You Wish Upon a Star," each detail was perfect.  Jacob was clearly a Lord of the Rings fan from the attendants processional being "Concerning Hobbits," to the SPECTACULAR Groom's cake theme from The Lord of the Rings (seriously the best Grooms cake I have ever seen...no lie).  But you could also tell family was a huge part of their day.  Morgan did a first look with her Dad (which I adore!) and afterwards gave hankerchiefs to her Mom, Dad, and soon to be Mother in Law with notes stitched on them for each. :ENTER WATERWORKS:  It was incredibly sweet and touching!  Morgan and Jacob are also the first couple I have ever photographed that had all sets of grandparents on both sides at their wedding.  It was a serious legacy of love.  They incorporated a lot of vintage details into the day and I felt like those were small shout outs to their grandparents.  One of the best being an heirloom cake topper from Morgan's family from the 1930s.

However I would say, because Morgan and Jacob were themselves, it meant each moment was lots and lots of fun.  The Groomsmen were a blast to hang out with.  Jacob's two Best Men, his brother Kyle and best friend Evan, gave fantastic speeches that had everyone crying with laughter.  Best of all though was Morgan and her Dad's surprise father daughter dance.  One moment they were elegantly dancing to "When You Wish Upon a Star," and then BAM they were breaking it down to "Uptown Funk."  I. LOVED. IT.

The truth is I could go on and on about these two and their wedding day.  Morgan and Jacob are the type of people you are honored just to know.  They are the type of clients that when it's all said and done, you're sad not to have an excuse to talk to them on a regular basis.  So guys, don't be surprised if you get a lonely email in a couple months from yours truly, just wanting to chat and tell you that I'm glad I got to know you.

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Mad Props Go To:

Planner: Mardee Miller

Venue:The Read House Historic Inn & Suites

Caterer: Venue

Florist: Rainbow Florist

Baker: Publix (Main Wedding Cake) and Sweet Angel Cakes– Toni Repko (Amazing Groom's Cake)

Dress(es)/Suit(s): White Lace & Promises  and Savvi Formalwear

DJ/Band: Sound Force

Makeup/Hair: Hair-Stephanie Holt, Makeup-Maddie Holt