IMG_4894 What makes a great visual story?  Portraits? Emotion? Location?  Context?  Details?  The truth is all of these scrambled together are what make a story ring true.  All of these aspects help us to encompass the full story of a moment or a day.


Lately I have been really been moved with how authentic my fellow photographers are with their struggles and where they are on their creative journey.  So with all transparency, where do I struggle?  Details.  Details are not my thing.  Speed Racer will be the first to tell you that I am a big picture person.  I love people and emotions so that is where I am most comfortable and the photos that I am drawn to.  However, when you really go back and look through photos its those tiny details that drive the story home.  It's the photos of a grandmother's jewelry on a wedding day; or tiny toes at a newborn shoot; or the disaster of a kitchen after pancake making during a day in the life session.  I CHERISH these little details and yet they are the photos that I struggle with most in capturing.  Maybe because I know they are so important?  Or maybe because I am so enthusiastic its sometimes difficult to slow down?  Whatever the reason I am determined to work on these in my own work.  THUS!  The Focus on the Details series.  This series is a challenge to myself to work on capturing details not only in my professional work but in my personal work as well.  Stay tuned to see how these evolve!

P.S.  Photographer or creative professional?   What do you struggle with in your work?  Comment below!