IMG_2879 Candoro Marble is a beautiful venue that originally was the showroom and office for Candoro Marble Company.  When Jaimie said she was looking for a vintage backdrop for some soft and classic boudoir photos, I knew that this was the place.  The beautiful show room, wrought iron gates, and slightly decaying rooms spoke of Greecian was perfect.


Enduring and beautiful boudoir (especially outdoor) has always been a passion of mine.  I love helping women to be confident and feel beautiful.  Boudoir takes a lot of trust, and when a client opens up and is vunerable with me in that way I am just in awe.  I always strive to convey that moment with beautiful images, and it is an area of my work I am looking to expand.

Jaimie's session was so much fun!  Her timeless features combined with her simple and sweet styling are absolutely stunning.  Candoro has so much to offer as a backdrop that during our planning sessions we agreed we wanted to keep her look simple yet elegant, and let the venue do the rest.  Here are a few of my favorites and proves that some of the most beautiful and sexiest images are not about baring it all.

IMG_3267 IMG_3231 IMG_3132 IMG_3098 IMG_3050 IMG_3035 IMG_3024 IMG_3019 IMG_2964 IMG_2948 IMG_2874