IMG_8731 copy Fall colors, woods, a pond, pumpkins, and a family owned farm...what's not to love about this engagement session?  Early in October I headed over to Anderson County to Jodi's family farm for an afternoon of fun photos.

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I knew after our first meeting, that Jodi and I were going to hit it off.  Jodi is sweet and makes everyone around her comfortable.  So when the time came,  the day of the shoot, to meet Blake I knew he would be the same.  Blake has a contagious smile and between these two we just kept laughing all day.

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I loved that these two chose to be adventurous and get out on the pond in the boat.  Even if it did have a small (tiny), leak in it.  The whole day they were up for anything which is exactly what a photographer wants.

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You can tell that family, history and heritage are all very important to both Jodi and Blake.  Not only did we shoot on the family farm but Blake's family showed up to help out and Jodi's Mom provided a lot of the cute props.  Blake plays in a bluegrass band and you can just tell with both of them that the area is very important to them.



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Jodi and Blake I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next July!  Thanks for being up for anything, even some of the off the wall things I asked you to do.  I felt so comfortable with you both.  Your love and respect for each other is apparent in every photo and I can't wait to experience that 100 fold on your wedding day!