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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...famous saying but something that I don't totally agree with.  As a photographer one of my favorite aspects of my job is to show my clients (and the world) the beauty that I see in people.  So, bear with me for a moment as I get on my soap box about how beautiful you are.


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"Thank you for sending me those pictures.  I have been having a real hard time with self esteem lately, and seeing those pictures helped me a ton." -Amanda

We all struggle with self esteem issues.  I know for me it has always been that if I thought of myself as beautiful then that meant I was vain and big headed.  This is something I have struggled with my whole life and I know it's not just me.  We all have something that when we see ourselves we think, "Well, that's not flattering."

But the truth is most people have no idea how absolutely stunning they are.  Seriously, you're stunning.

One reason I got into photography is to reveal that beauty and that light to the world and the people I am photographing.  It doesn't matter if it's a man, woman, child, couple, old couple, or even animals.  I want people to recognize and embrace their beauty.

In my career I have found that one of the most beautiful times that this happens, when people truly get it, is during boudoir sessions.  Now you might think boudoir is scary or maybe even inappropriate but I like to keep my boudoir classy.  However, boudoir takes a lot of trust.  You're literally baring yourself to someone you might not even know.  I have always had that moment with my boudoir clients when they finally relax, trust me, and start to feel confident and beautiful.  That is the moment that absolutely fills me with joy.

That moment happens so many times, not just in boudoir, but in lifestyle, bridal, couples, and even family shoots.  I am so flattered that my clients trust me.  Embrace it, love it, and find joy in your beauty.

Know today that you are beautiful inside and out.  If you don't think that can happen, let me know, I'm here to show you the way.

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