As most of you know from Hello, Georgia I was in Georgia last weekend to shoot a wedding with Rebecca Claire Photography.  Adam, the Groom, is actually Claire's brother, so she had bridesmaid requirements to meet, which left me as the primary shooter.  The wedding was tons of fun!  Adam and Christi are really great people, and were super fun to work with. The wedding was at Wolf Mountain Winery, near Dahlonega GA.  Wolf Mountain is a gorgeous setting, and with the wedding at 5:30 we got to enjoy one of the first perfect September days and into the evening.  Claire was nice enough to let me post some of the pictures I took although we haven't finished editing all the photos yet.  Unfortunately some of my favorite pics were on a memory card I gave her to download, but we'll have to make due with the selection I've picked out.  Here's the sneak peak, but keep checking for the full photos, they're going to be breath taking!

Christi was just a positively stunning bride...and I'm kinda partial to red heads.  I wish I was one.

Christi's Dad enjoyed the lipstick smooch.

A lovely picture with the new sister-in-law.

Proud Mother of the Groom.

The ladies were doing some serious rocking out to Madonna before hand, it's a good way to calm the nerves.

The happy couple.

There are more of these gorgeous vineyard shots on the other memory card.  Boo...we'll see them eventually.