I first ran across these photos in an email forward and instantly fell in love.  I think everyone imagines or dreams of having a house like this.  And the great part is the owner is willing to share in exchange for some tough love.  That's right, you can come stay at this beautiful home if you are willing to help spruce her up with some good ol' elbow grease.  Hop the jump to find out more!

Here at Runawayalice Photography, we're very conscious about copyright.  That being said, this is going to be my first picture-less post.  Tragic you say? Yes, indeed.  But wait!  There are still pictures, they're just not mine and you just have to click one more thing to check out this beautiful home.  The original article (from what I can tell) and a beautiful photo gallery with photos by Erik Jacobs of The New York Times can be found HERE.

As you can tell from the breath taking photos, the view will take your breath away.  You actually feel like you are staying on a boat in the water, and the artist did well to bring the landscape into the house itself.

Clingstone is a 103 year old mansion that resides in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay. Clingstone was built by J.S. Lovering Wharton with the help of artist William Trost Richards.  The building is a 3 story mansion with 23 rooms, a huge central hall, and dozens of large picture windows.  The building was completed in 1905 with the final bill totaling $36,982.99.

The current owner Mr. Henry Wood, is a distant cousin of J.S Lovering Wharton.  Mr. Wood bought the house in 1961 with his ex-wife Joan for a mere $3,600.  At that time it had been empty for nearly two decades and needed a lot of work.  That's where Mr. Wood had a bright plan.  He created the Clingstone Work Weekend.  Usually held around Memorial Day, the work weekend brings around 70 friends and families to the mansion to handle the repairs.  And what do they receive in exchange for their hard work?  A chance to stay in this beautiful home.  But Mr. Wood doesn't limit that invitation to just family and friends.  Mr. Wood says that all skilled workers are welcome.  So if you're willing to put in a little hard work, you could enjoy a summer stay at this beautiful gem.

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