So I know what you're many more of these "How Did I get Here" series are there?  And where is here? When is it going to END?!  Hopefully very soon.  Not to worry, this is not the Rocky Series.  Although who can deny that theme song? You're singing it now...I know you are. After our friends Mr. and Mrs. Hokie got hitched, our other friends Mr. and Mrs. Miami got engaged and had a date set for May.  Mrs. Miami is my friend Renee, she has her own blog so her identity is no secret.  But I love nicknames, they're fun, and different and we all need a little mystery in our lives, right? Right.  Maybe they should be called Mr. and Mrs. Atlanta since that's where they are moving to, but more on that HERE.  But it's my blog and I do what I want to...daggum it.  Mr. and Mrs. Miami recruited me to be their photographer for their wedding and I was thrilled!  Mrs. Miami and I happen to be engaged at the same time, so we were able to help plan or rather vent about the frustrations of planning a wedding.  The day of the wedding finally came and Speed Racer and I packed the very VERY tiny car we were taking up to Maryland, and hit the road.  “If you want to know if you love someone, take a road trip. If you want to know if you can marry them, do it in a roadster.” ~Unknown  That pretty much sums that up.

We arrived in Maryland a little road weary, but ready to go.  The festivities began, starting with the rehearsal dinner.

The Lighthouse in the background is the lighthouse where they would be hitched the next day.  Luckily the weather held out, and we started the morning off bright and early.

This is Little Miss, she is Mr. and Mrs. Miami's gorgeous baby girl, and she got to be flower girl for the day.

They're friends with Mr. and Mrs. Hokie too.

Love, the purple shoes!

These parasols were adorable!  They were so much fun for everyone to play with, not to mention get out of the sun, and made for fantastic pictures.

Sorry Mr. Miami, but this is my favorite picture out of the entire day.  I love it.  I want to hang it on my wall.  Is that too weird?

So apparently in the Greek Tradition, if you put the names of your bridesmaids or single lady friends on the bottom of your shoes on your wedding day, and they wear off, then they will be getting married.  Kind of an alternate version of throwing the bouquet, at this point in the day (2 weeks before my wedding) I was still 50/50.

Photographer's Note:  I was on a moving dock in order to get this shot.  I had visions of my falling off and drowning with all the camera gear.  But it was worth it, I love this shot too.  I also want to hang it on my wall.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Miami for letting me be a part of your big day, and helping me learn and grow as a photographer!    After a long day of shooting in the hot sun, Speed Racer and I, with Mr. and Mrs. Hokie in tow, headed back down south.

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