As I woke up this morning and stumbled to my computer, grumbling something about coffee and the lack there of, my darling (also work at home) husband, Speed Racer was already at his lappy surfing the net.  After I finally settled for some tea instead (there's just something about starting the day off with a hot drink, what can I say?) I sat down determined to do some work.  As I sifted through the mass of emails in my inbox, my little gchat box popped up with a happy message from Speed Racer and the following link to, and as I looked, the following embarrassing phrase came out of my mouth, "OH MY GOD HOW CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!"  (Please do click on the cute link to see the post, you won't be sorry).

Wildflowers Photography shot an engagement session with a couple named, Lynette and James based on the movie "UP."  And as the post states, most of us who have seen that movie cry every time, I know I do.  The movie especially reminds me of my Grandfather, Chief Bald Eagle, who has been striving to live without my Grandmother, Pretty Brown Eyes,  for several years now.  Chief Bald Eagle was and is a huge hiker, the man still walks three miles a day and is 85 years old.  He and Pretty Brown Eyes used to drive all over the U.S. including several trips to Canada and Alaska.  He always tells the story of how when they got married, he looked into those deep brown eyes and swore that he would carry her to the ends of the earth.  When they drove to the article circle, Pretty Browns Eyes swore that she had made it there.  Their love and devotion is inspiring, and I think that's what "UP" shows all of us, that you can find adventure in the small, "boring", little things that you enjoy most about your partner.

As I write this I realize that it has officially been 11 months and 4 days since I married Speed Racer and each day has been better than the last.  Sure, we have grand adventures planned as well, dreams that we carry in our coat pockets to keep us warm when everything else gets cold and hard.  But it's the little adventures, the "boring" moments that I cherish most: the moonlit drives on the back roads of our home, where we were sweethearts; the way our hands still migrate towards each other when we're out, how he sends me links that he knows I will gush over,  the warm silences when we walk together, and the sense that we have known that we were meant for each other since creation.  Belonging, is the best word I can use.

It's this belonging that helps us appreciate the little things, the little things that make our love so strong.  I know it's the little things that has kept Chief Bald Eagle in love with his Pretty Brown Eyes, so many years after she has gone.  I know it's the little things that keep me falling in love with my husband daily.  And I know that it's the little things that will keep Lynette and James together and in love.

Thanks to Wildflowers Photography and Lynette and James for sharing your story and photos with the world.  Thanks, also for letting me gush, for making my day, for making me a tad jealous not only of the photos but that I didn't think to do my engagement pictures in the "UP" theme.  And as for the readers, what are your "UP" stories?  What are your adventures, your "boring" moments that will make our hearts ache?  I want to hear each and every story, so please share.