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Hot Spiced Tea

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Spiced Tea

Spiced Tea has always been a fall favorite of mine.  It warms the soul and offers a different option other than hot chocolate.  I first had Hot Spiced Tea at my friend T-shirts house, and have loved it ever since. This is super simple to mix together so you can have ready made whenever you would like.  Most recipes call for more Tang, than instant Tea but I like to do equal parts of both.  Next, 1 1/2 c. sugar (all this depends on how you like your tea, so you can play with the amounts some). Then add nutmeg and Cinnamon to taste.

Mix it all together in an air tight container and you're ready for easy access.

When ready for the steamin' cup of deliciousness, just pick out your favorite mug, add a couple teaspoons of your mix and some hot water.

And you'll have some lovely spiced tea.

1 Comment