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This is my DESK...for now.  Soon it will be Speed Racer's desk, and by soon I mean whenever we finish his office.  So that's pretty relative.  But until then I get to use it, and that is awesome.

It has really cool drawers and secret compartments.  This desk was a give away from one of my Mom's coworkers, and they couldn't fit it in their house.  I'm sure one of my brothers would love to have it but one lives in Illinois (long way away) and the other one has two flights of stairs to his office.  So booya suckers!  Ahem.  I mean, it's so awful that you didn't get this beautiful desk.

All kidding aside, we were very lucky to get it, even if it doesn't fit in our living room.  And even though it was VERY heavy to move.  But we're still super stoked.

And now I finally have somewhere to put all my papers, and hide that I have lots of papers.

Mr. Elephant who lives on my desk says, "Hooray!" I second that Mr. Elephant, I second that.