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Rachel & Ed's Wedding

IMG_3732 Rachel and Ed are perfect for each other.  Its just a fact of life.  Like one of those things you just know when you see it, like that the sun is warm and flowers are beautiful.  You just know it.  The more you are around them, the more this feeling grows and grows.  It radiates between them and before you know it, you're smiling too.


Rachel and Ed are active people.  They are both vets, both active in their families, and active in their church.  When they went about planning their wedding they brought all of these factors of their lives into the details.  Their wedding was one of the most personal weddings I have been too, and it was truly beautiful.  Each aspect tied in a meaning to them from the hand picked readings to every single song that was played during the ceremony.




We started the day with a First Look and bridal party photos at UT Gardens.  Rachel and Ed had the best wedding party!!  These guys were up for anything and helped the day start out with some really fun poses.

IMG_4295 IMG_4308



Next it was over to Immaculate Conception for the ceremony.  Rachel & Ed's ceremony was like a big family reunion.  They hugged and greeted each guest as they came in.  The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt.






The reception was held at Calhoun's on the River and was complete with epic DJ entrances for each Wedding Party Member.  Rachel's Dad and Sister (who was the Maid of Honor) both gave speeches as well as Ed's Twin Brother (Best Man).  Each speech proved more and more how Rachel and Ed are perfect for each other.  Some speeches brought tears of joy and others, lots of laughter._MG_1535














Thanks to Rachel and Ed for letting me part of their amazing day!  I am so excited for you both and blessed to know you.





Wedding Day Moments

IMG_4193 eleg  

We all have our favorite moments at weddings.  Moments that make us tear up, moments that always make us laugh, moments that you never forget and moments that we wish we could capture forever.  That is the favorite part of my job, capturing all those special moments for you to hold onto.

IMG_1276 bwFrom embarrassing moments at the rehearsal dinner to so many tearful hugs, there are so many moments packed into a wedding weekend!  I was recently a vendor at Knoxville's Pink Bridal Show and I asked several of the brides that I met to chime in on their favorite wedding day moments.  I would love to hear from you too!  Check out the poll below and add in your opinion!



[polldaddy poll=8234374]

Don't see your favorite wedding day moment in the poll?  Go ahead and shout it out in the comments below!  I'd love to hear from you!


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Prom 2014


Spring is in the air, which means, it's Prom time again!  I was so excited and thrilled to be asked to photograph some before pictures for Claire's Prom.  I love the Norman family (you may have heard me mention them a time or two) so any chance to get to hang out with them is a good time!



We headed over to a friend of the family's house for the photos.  They had a beautiful park like back yard full of flowers, textures, and beautiful grass.  When you're a photographer, you start to pay attention to different grass, it's just one of those things.  The girls were gorgeous!  I loved both the colors and gowns they chose.


The guys weren't too shabby either and they humored me with all my photo requests, which is all I could ask for.


We had so much fun goofing around and capturing such a fun time in their lives!

IMG_0302 copy




I hope you all had a magical night.  By now, you're graduated and on your way to a new chapter. It won't be easy but remember the friends you have and the awesome memories you built during prom.  Thanks for letting me join in the fun!


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Jaime and Brock's Wedding

blog08 I don't know about you but I LOVE surprises!  Seriously, I think they are the best.  Well, as long as they are good surprises.  The trick about surprises (especially when there are multiple surprises) is pulling them all off without letting the cat out of the bag as they say.  Jaime and Brock's wedding was absolutely full of wonderful surprises.  And I must say, they pulled it off like pros.


Jaime and Brock got married on January 18th at Little River Heartland Wedding Chapel in Townsend, TN.   The couple had originally decided to just get married in the court house.  They just wanted something quiet and small.  However, then Jaime found out that her Dad, Mike, was thinking about renewing his vows with her Mom, Joanna, as a gift for their 46th wedding anniversary.  Enter surprise numero uno.


So they all decided to make the vow renewal a surprise for Joanna.  They would go to the chapel for Jaime and Brock's wedding and then Mike would step up to renew their vows.  How cool is that?


However as I said before, there is a second surprise!  Everyone thought that Jaime was wearing a small cocktail dress when she had in fact picked out a wedding dress the day before.  Exactly in her size!  The only people who knew were Mike and her Best friend.  Now, I'd like to point out that together, Jaime and Brock have five children, so hiding a dress from that many interested parties is no easy feat.  But she pulled it off beautifully and everyone, I think especially Brock, were very surprised.







Congratulations Brock and Jaime!  You had a lovely wedding day and you have an absolutely beautiful family.  It was a pleasure to be a part of all of the surprises and fun!  Also, congratulations to Mike and Joanna for 46 years!  I'm sure it has been a ride and I loved watching you renew your vows.  It was truly beautiful.