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Homesick at Home

I'm drinking out of a coffee mug that used to be mine but I'm not in my kitchen.  A cooler with our last name on it is sitting out in the hall.  One of my favorite floral blouses is in the laundry basket.  It's like that moment that you first wake from a vivid dream and can't tell where you are.  But you know something isn't quite right.  It's like the sinking feeling of dejavu.

Before Zach and I left with our daughter to travel the US for a year, we sold our house in a hurry.  To say it was chaotic was an understatement.  Zach would have gladly set our belongings ablaze in the front lawn to save the hassle of dealing with them.  But we opted for peddling them on our friends and family any chance we got.  Our former belongings are scattered across East Tennessee and on up to Virginia.  I don't miss them.  Each time we gave away another thing I thought it would be so hard.  Once gone however, it was like it was never there.  They were just things after all.

Now as I sit at our friends house, having just crossed the US in a rush to tow their truck home, those things are reminders.  Reminders of the home we renovated.  The home that we brought our daughter back from the hospital to.  The house that we won't be returning to.  

Coming back made it just feel like a long vacation.  That we should walk through our front door and find our house just as we left it.  That we'll sigh and clean and cook and put our daughter to sleep in her crib and crawl into our bed to whisper to each other about the adventures we've had.

It's a strange feeling to yearn for a place that is so close and yet no longer what it was.  Not for us.  I guess that is the duality of what we are doing.  That I both crave more travel and miss a place.  That I feel both lost and more on a path than I have in a long time.  That I both have a home and am homeless.  That I am both homesick and already home. 

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Jenna & Christian Anniversary Session

I'm catching up on some blog posts!  Lately Anniversary sessions have found a special place in my heart.  Engagement sessions are fun because everything is new and exciting.  But anniversary sessions have such a deeper tone to them.  There's something about celebrating the fact that you've made it through it all that brings everything alive.  Nothing beats saying, "I choose you every damn day and I'm going to keep choosing you."  



Beauty and Badassery

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering Bare Mini Sessions on January 23rd at The Hive!  These sessions will include professional makeup by Katelyn Comer from The Skin Studio, 30 minute photo session, champagne and strawberries (because why the hell not), 40 high resolution digital files, and a password protected gallery.  

These sessions are about loving yourself.  I am passionate about boudoir and the confidence that boudoir sessions can bring.  These sessions are all about inner beauty and badassery.  I want to show the real you.  The sexy you.  The goofy you.  The playful you.  Just you.  I do very little touch ups to my images.  If you are looking for airbrushed images, I ain't your lady.  However, if you're craving a fun time, a time to pamper and celebrate all that you are, you've come to the right place.  

Contact me today for more information and to schedule your session.  Time slots are limited!



Free Engagement Session Finalists

I had so many amazing Brides at the Pink Bridal show that I just could not choose a winner for the Free Engagement/Bridal Session contest!  So this year I decided to leave that up to you, my readers, and the couples families and friends.  I have narrowed it down to three amazing couples and now its up to you to vote!  Vote for your favorite couple to win!  Voting will be open all week and on Friday I will announce the winner!  Don't forget to share this post on Facebook to get more votes.  Good luck! [polldaddy poll=9038850]



5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

IMG_6002 Full Disclosure: If you haven't noticed, I AM a Professional Wedding Photographer.  So this post is naturally a little biased.  However, Professional Wedding Photographers are more than just photographers for a Bride to Be.  We consult, we calm, we lend a hand, and we are involved in all the details.  That said, I see so many Brides go with a family member or friend for their wedding photography and it breaks my heart.  Not just because their pictures might not be great but because there is so much more to a true professional than just the pictures.


So here it is, my top five reasons for hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer:


  1. Experience I cannot stress this enough.  When you are hiring a professional you are getting experience from many many weddings.  A professional isn't just taking the shot in front of them, they are thinking ahead to the next shot.  This is crucial in weddings.  Weddings are hectic and a time crunch.  You want an experienced professional who knows how weddings flow, who knows what to expect, and especially who knows how to deal with the unexpected. IMG_2593
  2. Professionals are, well, Professional As a wedding professional I am personally invested in each wedding I photograph.  I want to make a good impression and do my best for you.  Word of mouth is also key, I know that your friends and family are watching how I handle myself.  You don't want to hire a friend and have them hanging out with the Groomsmen when the cake cutting is going on.  This is my job and I give it my all. IMG_4285
  3. Unbiased Third Party Weddings are highly emotional events which is why I love them!  The love is flowing, the friendship, but also the stress.  At times it is crucial to have a third party who can diffuse the atmosphere and does not have a history with anyone involved.  It's easy for me to ask a family or friend to go ahead to the reception while we do couples shots without hurting their feelings.  They don't know me and have no beef with me, or at least I hope not!  The point is its easy to give direction, instruction, and move people along with some authority when they don't know me. _MG_4584
  4. Art My favorite part!  You are hiring an ARTIST.  There is so much more to photography than having fancy equipment, or just pointing and shooting.  Photographers are painting with light, gently revealing emotion, paying attention to color and lines, and capturing raw reactions.  This takes experience (see Reason #1), and an artistic eye. _MG_4242
  5. Products A wedding professional is going to offer you amazing products.  The wedding day is over, Uncle Jim has given you your photos on an unlabeled burned CD and they're now sitting in your drawer.  And that's where they will stay.  I offer my clients high end albums, gallery wraps, metal prints, countless options so that their memories come alive off their walls.  You are going to pour so much time, energy, and lets face it--money into your wedding that you should have constant reminders of that amazing day surrounding you. That is what makes those memories last and remind you of those emotions years from now. IMG_5750

We all know that weddings are expensive and wedding photography is one of the most expensive parts of your wedding.  However, it is also the most lasting.  If you hire a professional you are not paying just for the act of taking photos that day.  You are paying for consultation, communication, behind the scenes, experience, an artistic eye, high end editing, gorgeous products and it will be well worth the money because you will have the best.



Mother's Day Mini Sessions

Mother's Day Mini Sessions It's not too late!  If you are still searching for a Mother's Day gift I am still booking Mother's Day Mini Sessions for Saturday, May 16th.  This would make a great gift for that special Mom in your life.  Email me today to hold your time slot!


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Oh Baby Baby

Indoor_Maternity_San_Francisco_Photography072 In case, I forgot to mention it...Speed Racer and I are pregnant!  We are having a baby and quite soon too I might add!  Our little one is set to make its debut February 3rd, 2015.  So between holidays and preparing for baby, the posts and updates may be few and far between.  I appreciate your patience during this time, especially all of my clients who have already shown me so much patience and love!  I cannot wait to share the next stage in our life with you as well as my photography career.  Here's to the next adventure!

A special thinks also to Kayla with Kayla F Photography!  I cannot get over my amazing maternity session with her and adore each and every beautiful image she took!


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Catherine & Bryan's Wedding

_MG_0353 The first weekend in November it was freakishly cold here in East Tennessee.  There was even snow in the mountains, which is unusual for this time of year.  Despite the cold, Catherine & Bryan got married at Dara's Gardens and had one of the most beautiful fall weddings I have ever experienced.



Catherine's dress was a classic ivory with a beautiful lace jacket over the top.  She looked absolutely stunning!  The dress went perfect with her colors of grey and yellow.





The pictures and ceremony were outside, while the reception was in a heated tent.  I have to give it to this bridal party, despite the unexpected temperature they were all great sports!  Everyone went with the flow and made it for a truly heartfelt day.















After family photos (and a quick hot apple cider break), Bryan, Catherine and I snuck off to take some amazing fall photos on Dara's Garden's property.  I absolutely love the way these turned out!








After the sun went down it was time to go inside and enjoy the party!  I loved the lights in the tent, and all the beautiful succulents Catherine had used as pops of color and table centerpieces.














Catherine and Bryan thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day with me and letting me capture it.  Catherine, I know you and I hit it off from the first meeting and I loved getting to know you!  You have a beautiful spirit and I loved getting to know both of your families better.  Congrats Mr & Mrs!

A special shout out to Amanda Womble for being my amazing assistant that day!  My preggo self couldn't have done it without you!  Thanks for helping me carry gear and braving the cold.




2014 Holiday Mini Sessions

IMG_9861 copy For weeks and weeks you heard me talking about the Holiday Mini Sessions I was going to hold at Riverdale Elementary School.  Well the day finally arrived and it was such a wonderful, fun day!  I loved seeing all the cuties out in their holiday outfits as well as capturing so many fun family moments.


IMG_9930 copy

IMG_9845 copy

IMG_9796 copy

IMG_9725 copy

IMG_9549 copy

IMG_9458 copy

IMG_9424 copy

IMG_9404 copy

IMG_9106 copy

IMG_9084 copy

IMG_9082 copy

IMG_9047 copy

IMG_8955 copy

IMG_8933 copy

IMG_8803 copy

IMG_0131 copy

IMG_0105 copy

IMG_0048 copy


I had so many favorite from this day!  I think everyone enjoyed playing around in the gym as well as being able to go outside thanks to the beautiful weather.  Thank you to all my amazing clients for being willing to travel some for these mini sessions and for showing up for such a fun time.  I will definitely be offering this again next year and am already thinking of different possibilities.  Until then, I hope these help put you in the holiday spirit!