I love reading blog posts about what people love.  Maybe because I'm a window shopper and I always am looking for things to love myself or maybe just because I'm nosey.  But I love getting a glimpse into people's personalities and what attracts them.  So why haven't I done this myself?  Good question, dear reader, good question.  You're so smart.  

So here are a few of the things that I love.  Maybe their weird, or dorky, or fantastic.  I guess that's up for you to decide.  But I love them none-the-less.  I'd love to hear about what makes your heart happy in the comments below.  

Photo courtesy of  Kayla F Photography

Photo courtesy of Kayla F Photography


1. Boots | I love boots.  Its a little bit of a problem.  I especially love this pair of Ariat boots that Zach got me on a random weekend excursion.  Most people who know me probably know these boots--they stand out!  And I wear them ALL THE TIME.  


2. Coffee |  I know, I know.  It's so trendy to love coffee right now.  But I do!  My love for coffee will never die.  Even when it's no longer trendy.

3. Life Planner | I love my Erin Condren Life Planner.  And no, no one is paying me to say that.  I just truly love it.  I love planners period but this one really works for me.  I love having time blocks on my week day pages.  I love the stickers!  And it's real pretty.

4. Guacamole | It's a little embarrassing how much I love guacamole.  Like--lick the bowl CLEAN love. Like all good addictions I'm ignoring if it's healthy or not. If there's guac available I'll pay extra for it.  Yes Chipotle--I know it's extra.  That's fine by me.


5. Cactus and Succulents | I want to be one of those people who has cacti in their house and succulents in their branding but I feel like its a lie.  I don't live in the desert and I can't keep anything alive.  Even cacti!  I kill it all.  I fell in love with the many subtle colors of desert cacti when we were in Big Bend National Park and I can't get over it.  It made a little nook in my heart.  Sigh.  Unfortunately that love may have to keep to just me dreaming about redecorating our room with clean white lines and green pointy things on Pinterest.  



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