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The Women's Pavillion

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Meeting Maddox


Earlier this week I was so excited and thrilled to get to meet the newest addition to a client and friend's family.  On my way over to The Women's Pavillion I was full of questions.  What is this little man going to be like? Does he look like his Dad?  Does he look like his Mom?  I couldn't wait to meet this new little person.



IMG_7332 bw

And the answer to all those questions is, he's perfect.  He is completely himself.  Meet Maddox!  You may remember his big sister from Meeting Macey.  They look so much alike!  Although Maddox favors his Mom's darker hair.

IMG_7320 bw

Big Sister Macey is still adjusting to the change.  But she was more than willing to lend her pacifier when Maddox was crying.  Seriously, the sweetest thing ever!


Angela is a stunning Mom!  I have always been impressed with how laid back and calm she is through this entire process.  I love this photo of her and Maddox.

IMG_7323 bw

She and Dustin work very well together as a team.  Something I am sure they have perfected with Macey.  I can't get over the look on Grandma's face in the background, so much love!

IMG_7304 bw

Congratulations Dustin, Angela, and Macey!  I know you guys have some long weeks ahead as you get to learn this new member of your family but I am so excited to watch and see this little man grow up.

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