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Why Bare Sessions Should Be for You

Today I was looking around on the interwebs for inspiration and came across this article in Magnolia Rouge (one of my favorite wedding inspiration sites).  

Artistic Boudoir Shoot in the Colorado Mountains

These images are STUNNING.  Absolutely stunning.  I love the airiness, the light, but above all I love that these are unique.  They are personal because they are telling a story.  They bring the Bride's talents and passion into the session and it takes it to the next level.

I am a firm believer in the idea that you must do things for yourself first.  While this may sound selfish at first, it's actually quite the opposite.  For example, in an emergency situation on a plane adults are asked to first put on their own oxygen mask and then help their child.  You have to make sure you are in a place to help others.  Elizabeth Gilbert goes into this topic in her book, "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear."  If you're into living creatively, I highly suggest you check it out.  It's kind of my jam right now.  

This is a lesson that I have really taken to heart over the past year as a new Mom.  It used to be that I could push myself beyond my limits.  I was notorious for pushing hard until I emotionally and physically crashed and burned.  As a Mom though, I HAD to take care of myself first.  I had to eat enough calories to breastfeed.  I had to sleep when I could or I wouldn't later.  I had to take moments of peace when I got them to stay sane.  (Those should be HAVE since it's still ongoing!)  But I believe these principals also flow over into our passions and our personal needs.  Even if you do a selfless job like volunteering for charity, it has to be because you love it for you first.  Otherwise you won't be able to give of yourself more and more.

So what the hell does all this have to do with getting naked and taking pictures?  As I have stated many many times.  Bare Sessions (or boudoir if you're fancy) are all about vulnerability, openness, and trust.  And therefore they need to be for yourself first.  You are giving of yourself, you are opening yourself up, and you are allowing someone else to see YOU.  And I truly believe that is a beautiful thing to share.  And SHOULD be shared.  But if you are doing it because you want someone to see you a certain way, or to strive for perfection, or to be someone your falls flat.  Authenticity is the key to beauty in my opinion.  Authenticity is what takes those images to the next level.  So be you.  Be true to yourself.  Be passionate.  And do it for you. 



Beauty and Badassery

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering Bare Mini Sessions on January 23rd at The Hive!  These sessions will include professional makeup by Katelyn Comer from The Skin Studio, 30 minute photo session, champagne and strawberries (because why the hell not), 40 high resolution digital files, and a password protected gallery.  

These sessions are about loving yourself.  I am passionate about boudoir and the confidence that boudoir sessions can bring.  These sessions are all about inner beauty and badassery.  I want to show the real you.  The sexy you.  The goofy you.  The playful you.  Just you.  I do very little touch ups to my images.  If you are looking for airbrushed images, I ain't your lady.  However, if you're craving a fun time, a time to pamper and celebrate all that you are, you've come to the right place.  

Contact me today for more information and to schedule your session.  Time slots are limited!




IMG_2879 Candoro Marble is a beautiful venue that originally was the showroom and office for Candoro Marble Company.  When Jaimie said she was looking for a vintage backdrop for some soft and classic boudoir photos, I knew that this was the place.  The beautiful show room, wrought iron gates, and slightly decaying rooms spoke of Greecian was perfect.


Enduring and beautiful boudoir (especially outdoor) has always been a passion of mine.  I love helping women to be confident and feel beautiful.  Boudoir takes a lot of trust, and when a client opens up and is vunerable with me in that way I am just in awe.  I always strive to convey that moment with beautiful images, and it is an area of my work I am looking to expand.

Jaimie's session was so much fun!  Her timeless features combined with her simple and sweet styling are absolutely stunning.  Candoro has so much to offer as a backdrop that during our planning sessions we agreed we wanted to keep her look simple yet elegant, and let the venue do the rest.  Here are a few of my favorites and proves that some of the most beautiful and sexiest images are not about baring it all.

IMG_3267 IMG_3231 IMG_3132 IMG_3098 IMG_3050 IMG_3035 IMG_3024 IMG_3019 IMG_2964 IMG_2948 IMG_2874




IMG_0341 It's pretty rare that all the elements come together for a outdoor boudoir session.  Weather, timing, a willing subject, and of course finding a secluded enough location to take the photos.  But Amanda and I set out on a beautiful warm fall day for a beautiful boudoir adventure.


Boudoir sessions are close to my heart.  They require a lot of trust, vulnerability, and openness.  When a subject relaxes during a boudoir session, it is a huge compliment.  But the main reason they are so close to my heart is that they are an amazing opportunity to show someone's true beauty, the kind that very few of us show to others.


So Amanda and I headed out on a hike, with a few outfits and a flower crown to make some magic happen.  Amanda is so beautiful and I think these images did a great job of capturing her.


My favorite images of the day however, are the ones that we took in the lake.  That's right you heard me.  This girl got in a lake, in Fall (with maybe a little persuasion from yours truly).



There is something about water that is just magical to me.  The first half of my life I grew up near the water and it still has a huge calling for me.  Lately, I have been very influenced by Michelle Gardella.  I love her work and think her River Stories series is absolutely stunning.


A tremendous thank you to Amanda for trusting me during our shoot.  For going with my crazy whims and being up for anything...even freezing cold lakes.  Especially lakes that are pretty gross at the bottom.  It was a great adventure and you are such a beautiful woman.  I hope the world can now see what I see.