In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains Brandon and Gina held hands and laughed as they each in turn slid a ring onto the others fingers.  As the sun set, it lit the mountain range on fire behind them as they promised to be partners forever.  And all of this, just a few steps away from where Brandon asked Gina to continue this journey, their love story, and marry him.

These two are up for anything.  From freezing their butts off at their engagement session in JANUARY at Crabtree Falls to hiking to the edge of the Raven's Roost Overlook for their first look.  And they did it all with laughter and smiles.  That is how they treat their partnership.  They walk hand in hand through the hard parts of life, all the while smiling, laughing, and planning for the next adventure.  It doesn't get much better than that you guys!

Their wedding day was a whirlwind in the best possible way.  It felt like a intimate family gathering where you go from family member to family member talking, laughing, and then realize you've been there for six hours.  I can't tell you how amazing watching Brandon's face light up when he saw Gina was, or Gina's Dad tearing up, or how fantastic the cannoli's were, or how epic the cookie bar was.  There was a COOKIE BAR!  Need I say more?  There really is too much to describe.  Just too much awesomeness.  So I'm going to leave it to the photos.  

Brandon and Gina, thank you.  Thank you for trusting me to capture such an important day and share your love story.  Thank you for your friendship and laughter along each step of the way!  Thank you for being a reminder of why I love what I do.  Thank you for letting me eat cannoli and take a bag of cookies home with me that I may have eaten in the car on the way home.  The whole bag.  And not regretted one second of it because they were so DAMN good.  I wish you a life of adventure, love, crinkle nose laughter, and a village of family and friends to lift you up when you need them most.  

Vendor Shout Outs:
Hair/Make-up | Lou Stevens Glam Squad
Band | The Mashup, East Coast Entertainment
Suits | Generation Tux
Bridesmaid Dresses | Bill Levkoff
Wedding Dress | Sottero and Midgley
Florist | Blue Heron Flower Farm
Caterer | Roadside Chive
Venue | Bold Rock Cidery, Nellysford VA

Beth Bowman is an intimate wedding, destination, and elopement photographer with a heart for adventure based in Lexington, Virginia.  She thrives on awkward, intimate, and authentic moments.  Her mission is to document moments of love and light that they may encourage and inspire others during hard times--that love is the only true adventure. Her style is romantic, creative, and genuine.  She believes in getting out in the rain, head back laughs, taking risks, and brave love stories.