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Prom 2014


Spring is in the air, which means, it's Prom time again!  I was so excited and thrilled to be asked to photograph some before pictures for Claire's Prom.  I love the Norman family (you may have heard me mention them a time or two) so any chance to get to hang out with them is a good time!



We headed over to a friend of the family's house for the photos.  They had a beautiful park like back yard full of flowers, textures, and beautiful grass.  When you're a photographer, you start to pay attention to different grass, it's just one of those things.  The girls were gorgeous!  I loved both the colors and gowns they chose.


The guys weren't too shabby either and they humored me with all my photo requests, which is all I could ask for.


We had so much fun goofing around and capturing such a fun time in their lives!

IMG_0302 copy




I hope you all had a magical night.  By now, you're graduated and on your way to a new chapter. It won't be easy but remember the friends you have and the awesome memories you built during prom.  Thanks for letting me join in the fun!


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