It's no secret that I LOVE boudoir or "bare" sessions as I call them on my website.  I love the vulnerability, I love the beauty, I love the confidence, I love the intimacy, I just really am passionate about them and my clients who choose to trust me with them.  But did you know you have the option to add a bare session onto your wedding day package?  it's true!  So today I'm sharing with you three big reasons why you should add bridal boudoir onto your wedding day package.  If you have more questions on bare sessions or boudoir in general, check out these posts for why I love it so much and Bare Session Q&A.  


1. You're already fancy | Please tell me you laughed out loud at this one.  But it's true!  Many of us don't take the time to truly pamper ourselves.  But on your wedding day you are already in the zone.  Most likely you're already putting on make up, picking out a beautiful dress, and let's be real here, some sexy underwear.  Instead of booking a separate session at a different date, it's more streamlined to do your boudoir session on the day of.

2. Take a Moment for You | Bare sessions are not a rush.  They are all about slowing down, playing music, and feeling confident and beautiful.  What better way to start your wedding day than feeling totally empowered?  

3. Honor the Change of a Season | It sounds silly but I truly believe in the power of ceremonies.  There is something magical about not just whispering promises but declaring them out loud, about honoring that a change is happening.  Your wedding day is a time when you are no longer just an individual unit but becoming a partnership in a sacred way.  You are no longer just you.  But an us.  There is power in documenting that change, that excitement, that intimate moment at the time of its happening.  

I can't say enough times how serving my clients in this way is such an honor.  When you trust me.  When you are vulnerable.  When you show up just the way you are.  Exactly who you are.  I can capture you the way I see you.  The real, beautiful, raw, intimate you.  You won't regret it.

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Beth Bowman is an intimate wedding, destination, and elopement photographer with a heart for adventure based in Lexington, Virginia.  She thrives on awkward, intimate, and authentic moments.  Her mission is to document moments of love and light that they may encourage and inspire others during hard times--that love is the only true adventure. Her style is romantic, creative, and genuine.  She believes in getting out in the rain, head back laughs, taking risks, and brave love stories.