IMG_5603 Like all good relationships, communication is key.  This rule applies with your Photographer whether it is a wedding or portrait session.  The more I communicate with a client, the more at ease we both are and the more we both have a clear vision of the session.  Plus, it's really fun!  I mean what's the point of having all these pinterest boards if you can't share them with someone?


If communication is key, then how do we go about it?  Welcome to the wild world of technology!  It can be overwhelming but we also have amazing options to communicate even if you are planning a wedding from Zanzibar.  P.S. If you are planning a wedding from Zanzibar just have it THERE.  I'll come to you!

  1. Meet and Greet If at all possible, go to your consultation with your photographer.  I know this is occasionally not an option due to distance but then set up a Skype consultation.  There are so many options!  I like to have both Bride and Groom at the consultation.  It is going to be awkward otherwise when I show up to capture the Groom getting ready and we're meeting for the first time.  It's his big day too ladies so lets get him in on this important aspect!  At your consultation, whether its your first or second, take time to get to know your photographer and see if you click.  They are going to do the same for you.
  2. Dream So you met your photographer.  Awesome.  Now what?  The wedding is a year (possibly  more possibly less) away!  We don't have to talk on the phone everyday but keep your photographer in the loop by sharing your dream with them.  Weddings change a lot from the initial "I Will" to the "I Do."  One of my favorite ways to do this is to share pinterest boards.  It's an awesome visual tool and also helps me to see what my clients are drawn to.  The key here is to keep it up to date though!
  3. Keep Us in the Loop I try to check in with my Brides regularly but it's also nice when they reach out with questions via phone, email, or text.  After all I'm here for you!  Don't be afraid to reach out to your photographer.
  4. Take Your Time With Your Answers Many photographers have Brides and Grooms fill out Questionnaires, Shot List, and/or Timelines as the wedding date approaches.  We know it's crunch time!  However, take your time to answer the questions, fill everything out, and give us any last minute details that maybe you haven't thought of before.  Having a surprise Daddy Daughter Dance?  Let us know so we can be on our toes!  Changing the location of the exit?  Definitely mark that down.  We can roll with the punches but the more we know the better.
  5. We're Here for You After All I really love to get to know my clients and several of them have become close friends.  When you are working with someone closely on a big event like this you naturally become close.  I guarantee every photographer I know has talked to a crying Bride, worked through a crisis, or just sympathized on the stress of planning.  As a Professional, I have seen the ins and outs of many weddings and it's okay to let your photographer know what's stressing you out.  They might have some helpful hints or tips that can help.