As the holiday season rushes at me with hurricane wind force, I find myself a little dazed.  I woke up the other morning completely stunned that it was November.  Wasn't it just May?  Wasn't it just sunny?  Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays.  I love getting together with family, decorations, food, and of course we have discussed my addiction to presents.  But right now when all the planning lies ahead, it's a bit overwhelming. I started this tradition about two years ago and I really find it a joy.  I keep a white board in my kitchen, so I can list, plan, put up recipes, figure out menus, etc to my hearts content.  But from now until Thanksgiving, and possibly until Christmas, I work on filling it with things I am thankful for.  A lot of times Speed Racer and I fill this out together, just adding something here and there as it strikes us.  It helps me refocus on what is important and how blessed we are for every little thing in our lives.  I challenge you to create your own thankful list, whether it's on a white board, pieces of scrap paper, or even toilet paper...just as long as you're keeping track.  Try to put up one thing everyday, even on the bad days.  You'll be amazed how it changes your mood when you look at the board at the end.

P.S. Please excuse the plaid wallpaper.  I am thankful that we are about 90% wallpaper free at this point in our house...I'm going to get you kitchen and bathroom wallpaper, just you wait.

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