October is done and gone.  I feel like I say this every month but I'm so surprised that it's November already.  October was a hard month, but a lot of fun as well.  And since it's been awhile since I've been in the saddle, I thought I would do a little recap. October started off busy right from the start.  The first weekend I took some senior portraits for Shelbi in the UT Gardens and had a blast.  Speed Racer was off in California doing his thing, and I was also adjusting to my new part time job.  Like I said, it started off with a bang.

The second week in photography I had my tonsils removed.  I completely underestimated how long it would take me to recover or how much pain I would be in.  It was bad my friends, very bad. Speed Racer was a fabulous nurse, and so patient with every moment of the healing process from cuddle time to late night Popsicle runs.  I could not have done it without him, and I am so lucky to have a husband that cares about me so very much.  So over the past three weeks I have been in recovery.  Last week was my first week back at work, and although I went everyday, I was completely worn out.

I also got to spend a lovely weekend recovering with my mother.  She sped down from Virginia to spend a weekend with us, and we put her to work.  She and I spent that saturday planting bulbs for spring (and by she and I, I mean I pointed and she planted).  It was so good to have a chance to catch up.

Finally, I am feeling almost normal (as normal as I get!).  I can eat most regular foods, and I am not in pain.  Although I am still having difficulty swallowing with ease and it takes me awhile to eat my meals.  But all in all, a lot better.  Better enough that this past weekend Speed Racer and I were able to throw a Halloween party!  It was so much fun and I got so distracted getting ready that I actually did not take any pictures! Gasp!  I know, I'm a terrible blogger and photographer.  Actually, I'm just not so good at multitasking!  But it was really a great time and we got pretty crazy with the food.  Tomorrow I will post a few after party pics, as well as some of the spooky recipes I used to put in your arsenal for next year.

October was an unexpected month, but a good month.  I'm looking forward to what November will have in store...hopefully some Christmas shopping.

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