about Fall.  Fall has taken hold of my heart and it won't give it back.  I know that it's a cruel mistress because really it's just the precursor to winter, but I'm going to enjoy it all the same.

So because I am enamored with fall right now...

And because someone greeted me with "Buenos Tardes" today...

I'm dedicating the next couple of posts to fall.  Hopefully there will be fall photos, fall dishes, fall deserts, fall colors, and anything else that pops into my twisted little noggin'.

10 Things I like about Fall.

1. The colors of the leaves.  I know this seems like a given but every year it amazes me.  It's like after August, the summer has burnt everything up and then finally, it all catches fire with a glory of colors.

2. Snuggling.  This is a trick I learned from my Grandfather, Chief Bald Eagle.  Colder weather means an excuse to get just that much closer to the one you love.

3. The food.  Do I even have to say it?  Pumpkin Pie.  Any kind of pie!  Sweet potato casserole.  THANKSGIVING.

4.  Fluff.  We keep our house pretty chilly and in the fall our cute little kitties become little fluff balls, and for whatever reason, it really cracks me up.

5. Clean.  Everything just feels cleaner.  Is that weird?  The air is crisp and fresh, after a rain everything just seems squeaky clean.

6. Planting bulbs.  This year I'm making an effort to really plan the garden for spring, so I'm excited about getting out there and getting my  hands dirty.

7. Hot Spiced Tea.  Nuff said.

8. Fires.  Obviously not the destructive kind, but bonfires,  and fires in the fire place.  :see snuggling:

9. Sky.  To me a fall sky is bluer, deeper, and could go on forever.

10.  Holidays.  This one is a little selfish, not because of presents actually, although they are nice.  I love that fall has several holidays close together (I'm going to lump Christmas in there too even though I know that's technically winter) because I love the opportunity to see my family.  I love that when it gets colder outside, and darker, we all huddle closer together, find reasons to celebrate, share in the bounty we have, and just try to make it through the winter.