Since it's fair well to summer, I thought we'd do a little grillin' tonight.  It's still hot as Hades here in the South, so we went with some nice marinated steak shish kabobs and some delicious Pioneer Woman twice baked potatoes.  I went a little over board though, so Speed Racer and I are pretty stuffed. There's nothing like some fresh veggies roasted over a fire to make your mouth water.  I used onion, green pepper, steak, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms on our shish kabobs.  First I marinated the steak, green pepper, and mushrooms in some red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and lemon pepper.

I decided to go with PW's twice baked potatoes for our side.  They are fantastic, although I should have cooked them longer.

Then I got the bacon and fixin's ready for the twice baked potatoes.

Next cut up all your veggies and layer them in order on your skewers.  Note!!  Make sure you soak your skewers for at least 20 minutes before you grill...or they will catch on fire...and that's no good.

Next be sure to take a bite of your extra twice baked potatoes fixin's while you think no one is looking, but really your husband is taking embarrassing photos of you really looking your worst.  But then go ahead and post them on the internet...because we like to keep it real here.

Once your shish kabobs are done, and your twice baked potatoes are all cheesy and gooey...go spend an evening watching the movie Star Trek with the hubby, because you know that's how you roll.