As most of you know we are slowly but surely updating our house.  We are not even close to starting on the downstairs portion, but I decided to tackle the downstairs bathroom that will eventually be my darkroom.  It's a tiny room, but perfect for a starter darkroom.  And let's face it...any darkroom is better than no darkroom at all.  So my goals were to draw out an eventual layout for the darkroom, clean out things we didn't need, organize the camera gear, and possibly start some demolition.

So here is the basic layout.  I know, I'm fabulous at drawing.

This is what we're starting with, and this is actually after I have cleaned it up some.  And by cleaned it up I mean moved everything out into the other room.

As you can see.

Including the surfboard that was in there.

So after 12 hours of cleaning I decided it was time to show off my cute new haircut.  Just kidding...about the 12 hours, not the haircut.

Can you tell I'm easily distracted when it comes to cleaning?

After awhile I got it looking organized and cleaned out.

I was all ready to start demolition, but Speed Racer came down to see my handiwork, and didn't think it was such a good idea to get carried away with it right at that moment.  He took my sledgehammer away.  But he's very right.  It's so easy when you are remodeling a house to look at everything and want to work on it right that minute.  If you do that though, you have a huge mess on your hands.  So we're trying to FOCUS (focus? what? where?) and finish Speed Racer's office that we are currently working on.  Then hopefully we can at least gut the darkroom, so I can start purchasing items a little at a time.

Until then, we'll keep plugging away, and keeping you updated.  Sookie is very excited about being a darkroom can tell.


And HGTV, if you're listening...Please Pimp My Darkroom.