So after a few portraits here and there, I got to try my hand at another wedding.  Our friends Mr. and Miss (at the time) Hokie were getting married and asked that I shoot the wedding.   I was so thrilled and honored that they wanted me as their photographer, I was so glad that my friends were using my skills (note: this is a blatant request for my other friends and family to use my photo skills.  Come on guys, weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries, USE ME...ahem...please, I would love to be part of your lives in every way, and it's an excuse for me to visit).  I also got to give my two cents in some of the wedding planning, since Speed Racer was living with Mr. and Miss Hokie at the time.  It was lots of fun, the wedding was absolutely stunning.  Miss Hokie was beautiful, and now she's Mrs. Hokie. Mr and Mrs. Hokie:

After Mr. and Mrs. Hokie road off into the sunset, in a beautiful Ford F150, Speed Racer and I went to a bar with some of our friends.  I was sitting there, absolutely exhausted, listening to the stories and laughter from my friends, and I had an overwhelming sense of peace.  I could do this, I love how happy everyone is at weddings.  I love getting to know people.  I could do this, I wanted to be a photographer so badly.  It would be hard, but I'd get there.