Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have served our country and those that are serving today.  I can't begin to imagine what these men and women have been through or what they gave for us.  The above photo was taken at my Great Uncle George's funeral in Arlington.  He served at Vietnam as well as in Air Force Intelligence for many years.  He truly gave his life, his whole life, to serving the country that he loved very much. So as we start out today excited about having the day off, perhaps planning our BBQ or ready to hit the pool, take a second to appreciate what this day means.  There is nothing wrong with celebrating and honoring those who died for our country with a day of joy and fun, but just remember we couldn't have that without them.  And maybe take a second to give a call to someone who is serving, and just say thanks, or that you're thinking about them.

My thanks to Great Uncle George and all he did for his country, to Brg. General Bozeman, to Captain Quisenberry, to Matt, to Donny, and to Paul, we're thinking about you guys.  And thanks to anyone else that I missed, we appreciate everything that you do for your country.  Have a great Memorial Day everyone, and stay safe.

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